Must see places in Adjara Region

Must see places in Adjara Region
30 July, 2019

We already know about Batumi, it is time to talk about some other special places in Adjara Region. One of the most attractive place is Chakvi. No one has the power to forget such a calm and relaxing getaway on the beach. The weekend getaway is always a good choice to escape from the city for a couple of days and explore a completely new world. That is why, we developed multiple weekend getaways for travelers, who want to explore Georgia’s stunning landscapes, unbelievably tasteful food, great wine, magical towns, and historical places.

Next, we should know about Sarpi – the border village of Turkey and Georgia. The jungle-covered green hills and crystal clear water are picturesque. The most enjoyable in Sarpi are the cliffs along the shore from which people can dive into the water. Hotels and cottages are very close to the seaside. Sarpi is local's favorite beach, because of it’s a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

Near Sarpi you can find a place full of many noisy bars and clubs, that attract many tourists. This place is called Gonio. The climate there is very nice, because of the mix of mountains and seaside. Also a very good spot for romantic evenings.

Also, there is Tsikhisdziri, a health resort, which is located 19 km north of Batumi. It is known as a wellness center for its healing properties for respiratory tract and nervous system functional diseases.  The resort is covered by tea plantations, citrus orchards, and bamboos. On the green slopes of Tsikhisdziri, restaurants, cafes, bars, and bungalows are located in the beautiful gardens and parks.

Nothing is more worthy in life than our health, because of it, firstly, you should take care of it. Having fun or just relaxing is more valuable when you are getting extra healthcare, which produces mother nature itself. Not only Tsikhisdziri is a health resort, but there is also Grigoleti, in Lanchkhuti municipality, Guria Region. You can enjoy magnetic sand beaches containing magnetite, titan-magnetite or ilmenite small particles and other rock splinters. Bath of hot sand provides thermal and mechanic influence to the human body activating the immune process and improving metabolism, soothe the nervous system, enormously useful for rheumatic and joint diseases.