The most popular Black Sea coast in Georgia

The most popular Black Sea coast in Georgia
26 July, 2019

Georgia is a huge story for every traveler!. The country offers the world everything from the mountains to the sea, friendly people, more fun and relax. That is why teleporting in Georgia looks like a fairytale.

Let me share some history and experience in one of the most popular Black Sea coast of Georgia, in Adjara Region. Adjara is one of the ancient part, which is located in the country’s southwestern corner. The nature of Adjara is fabulous. The semi-tropical climate, the stony seaside, the rain forests, and crystal waterfalls make this place exotic. Everyone can enjoy with the amazing and unforgettable tours in here for any kind of taste, for example:

Batumi Weekend - Batumi is Georgia’s impressive subtropical Black Sea coast. Always attracts tourists from far and its display of wealth creates an ideal place for gambling. Every season bigger hotels are built and casinos opened and lots of colorful lights switched on, and we are expecting more in every season. This is the reason Batumi often linked to Las Vegas, and like Vegas, it never disappoints. Whatever is happening here, stays here. Nature speaks itself.

Batumi Botanical Garden looks like a green oasis. There are unique collections of subtropical flora, as well as succulents, palms, roses, camellias, citrus, bamboos, magnolia, Cyprus, pine-trees, nut, persimmon and maple tree collections. It is a perfect way to spend a cozy afternoon there. Batumi is the loveliest place for those, who like cycling. As it is great to do sightseeing on a bike. But that’s not all. You can do everything there, entertain and relax, drink and eat. That’s why Batumi is the loveliest place for travelers from around the world