About Us

Georgian tour operator “Teleport LUX” makes it possible for you to travel in Georgia with luxury, comfort and style. It is our main incentive to fill your heart with joy and your soul with breathtaking emotions, from the first steps of your journey. Our services start with luxury transportation, providing the latest editions of fancy vehicles; continues with accommodation arrangements in modern impressive hotels, in upper level rooms, especially chosen for you; and smoothly leads to visits to unique sights of Georgia, exclusive culinary masterclasses, private folk shows, helicopter tours for enjoying great views of Caucasus mountains from the birds eye view, hand-picked places where you will get to know the best of Georgian cuisine and wine. We keep in mind the different tastes and interests of our various guests, so there is always a touch of tailor-made arrangements, even if you book from the wide list of our prearranged luxury tours.

At “Teleport LUX”, we are a team of professional agents, seasoned travelers and people who got together to make your journey unforgettable and deliver better and different travel experiences.

We are excited about each booking of our services and treat them with utmost attention. We make sure to learn your preferences and interest prior to creating a special itinerary and coming up with an offer. Our team works hard to deliver to you the tour that will be minimum the same as you wished, but it is our victory if it becomes better than planned.

Our main values are - Quality, integrity, memorability, uniqueness, exclusivity and authenticity.

Our mission is to disrupt existing travel standards in Georgia and develop new, luxury trends for visitors.

Our vision is to be the smart choice for travelers to Georgia and to provide travel services that rightfully deserve the name of Luxury.


What we offer

We offer the key to discovery of unique sights of Georgia, in style. We open for you the doors to authentic experiences, where you can touch the soul of Georgia and its hospitable people. We deliver tailor-made high end, exclusive services, that will exceed your expectations.

Considering the wide interests of our guests, we provide specialized travel opportunities in Georgia, from aerial tours to horseback riding, from SPA tours to golfing, from beach getaways to heli-skiing and so much more. We also arrange MICE and business class services. And of course, it’s always a great idea to combine your business trip with some best options for leisure time activities.